Cooking Chez Highbury

I’m back home and I’m still cooking, so I figure, I’ll keep blogging…. Ashburton has not been far from my thoughts the past few days, and more specifically, the feeling I had while there that I can do this, and I want to do this every day, instead of what I do now.

That thought drifted in and out of my head today as I came back down to work Earth with a bump and 161 emails to read/delete/answer. But as always, an escape to the kitchen allowed me to reclaim that feeling, and I’ve been industrious today. I thought I’d also start keeping a running list of the last few things I’ve made, and will post about the more interesting, inventive or the most spectacular failures!

Mmm….cupcakes. Hummingbird Bakery recipe, slightly tweaked

A friend has also suggested I write a little on the kind of food I buy, so that’ll pop up here and there too.
This evening was a hive of activity in my little kitchen: bread (my first home-baked loaves!), cakes and dinner, with some lunch box prep thrown in for good measure.

Two loaves’ worth, before the first rise

All have been deemed a success by my chief taster, with the exception of the bread which is crusting up nicely in the oven. as long as the oven stops re-setting itself to 150°, which is not a good bread-baking temperature. It’s like a bad baking TV show….When Ovens go Bad…. Ovens of Death (to Baking)…. UK’s Worst Oven! Oh, for my new kitchen! (See other blog for details ☺)

Pre-oven, post-rising. And with my finger marks to test springiness

Anyhow, if the oven behaves itself, I should have crispy-crusted, light textured bread…..fingers crossed. And if not, it’ll be porridge for breakfast again.

2 thoughts on “Cooking Chez Highbury

  1. Yay! Glad you’re keeping the blog going and the cooking obviously but as if anything but loss of limbs could stop you…although I’d put money on that fact that you’d find a way around that…Recipes please!!!xox


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