Smoke ’em, smoke ’em, smoke ’em if you got ’em…

Hello again. I was off snowboarding in the Alps last week, so no blogging for me. No excuses for the lack of action the week before that though, and since I got back…I plead work busy-ness, and flat-stension activity M’Lord.

But with a four-day weekend to luxuriate in, I have no excuse, and plenty of opportunity to play around, cook lots of great food, and catch up on some of the recipes from Ashburton that I haven’t tried at home yet.

First up: home-smoked salmon risotto. Now, they had a proper home-smoker tray thing at Ashburton. I don’t, but I improvised with a pan with a steamer insert, and it worked pretty well. In the bottom went some barbecue oak chips, left over from the days of our charcoal barbecue, heated until they started giving off smoke.

Then the steamer insert with the salmon pieces went in next, and the lid on. I left it over the heat for about 15 mins in all.

The I took the whole pan off and placed it all in a hot oven for another 15 mins. I forgot to oil the salmon skins before I put in in, so they stuck a bit, but the flesh lifted off just fine.

Then for dinner, I made a simple risotto for M and I:

1 cup carnaroli rice
700ml vegetable stock (made with Marigold bouillon powder), with a sprinkle of dried dill in it too
3 shallots cooked in knob of butter
Wee bit of garlic (about half a teaspoon from my pre-chopped-and-kept-under-oil pot of garlic: another Ashburton shortcut)
Slosh of white wine
Wee bit of saffron stock (toast a small pinch of saffron in a little pan, add about 50ml splash of water or stock and leave to sit)
Big handful of defrosted peas
Big handful of baby spinach
My home-smoked salmon
Spoonful of creme fraiche

And it was delicious! Almost as good as the one I made on my course.

Over the next few days I’m planning roast chicken (or maybe some roasted pieces of chicken and sweet and sour sauce – got a lovely pineapple and some peppers in the veg box this week), and chocolate pots tonight. We’re off to the countryside tomorrow for the rest of the Easter weekend, so I’ll be taking a shoulder of lamb to be roasted up with anchovies, garlic and rosemary, and if I can find some good looking fruit, a rhubarb and custard tart to follow.

And at some point I’ll do some prep for this week’s dinners and make the bolognese recipe from this month’s Delicious. It makes a LOT so I’m thinking spag bol for us and maybe a lasagne to take to my very pregnant friend Helen if her baby hasn’t arrived by Tuesday 🙂

More as it’s made….and let me know what you’re all cooking this long weekend.

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