Friday was a looooong day at work which saw me hopping on my bike at 8 o’clock to get home. On my cycle to work, I’d thought about what to make for dinner to use up some of the random ingredients hanging around the kitchen: filo pastry, fresh tomatoes, shallots, onions and goat’s cheese. I imagined some kind of open pie with a filo base, and Friday pie was born. I hadn’t bargained on getting home quite so late (damn this web redesign – I feel a few more late nights coming on this week) but I’m a bit obsessive about using food up, and loathe throwing anything out, so it was assembled while still in my biking clothes to expedite its dispatch to my hungry tummy.

It was a pretty swift job – hard fried quartered tomatoes in a little sunflower oil so they blackened and lost some moisture, fried off the chunkily sliced onions and lined a pie dish with layered and scrunched filo. The pastry was haphazardly brushed with melted butter and went into the oven for 5 minutes in the hope of avoiding a soggy-bottomed pie. Didn’t work, won’t bother next time.

The filling went into the dish in layers: first the onions, then tomatoes, and 3 beaten eggs poured over. A quartered goat’s cheese went on top, with a grating of parmesan and torn basil that I’d forgotten to add to the tomato layer, and it went in the oven while I got out of my muddy clothes into my PJs (hey, it’s a Friday night in – why bother with real clothes?!). 20 mins or so later, half was on my plate with peas and sweetcorn. Yum.

Won’t scrunch the pastry over the edge next time as it was impossible to get the pie out without breaking it all off – will scrunch round the top of he filling, or fold back over. But it did the job. Pie win.

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