Pork Milanese, crunchy salads

Lunch today was a tall order: healthy food to counter Matt’s week of excessive red meat consumption in NYC. I think I met him part way there with my suggestion of pork Milanese that I spied in May delicious., with one of their suggested sides of marinated cucumber, plus some of the Leon Autumn slaw I made last night.

Slaw is adapted from the recipe given in the Leon cookbook (p206) – I had no beetroot or celeriac in the hamper, so I upped the quantity of both carrot and red cabbage instead. I made it last night as part of the assault on the veg box, and a night in the fridge has waved a magic wand over the constituent parts: the vinegar, apple and sultanas have mingled deliciously with the base veg.

Onwards! Cucumber, deseeded (but not peeled, becasue I really couldn’t be bothered) tossed with some white wine vinegar, sprinkle of dried chilli, dill and extra virgin olive oil provided the rest of the crunch. Set this to one side to do a bit of its own mingling while I got on with the pork.

I love battering out bits of meat. It’s so satisfying, if a bit noisy. Hope no-one upstairs had a hangover today! In honour of the post-NY health kick, I cut off the small amount of fat on each steak, but I’m sure you could leave it on. Each now-skinny pork steak was coated first in seasoned flour, then egg, and finally mixed up breadcrumbs and parmesan. 3 or so minutes each side in a hot pan with just a splash of oil and they were done.

The ensemble got the thumbs up from both the jetlagged traveller and me. Breadcrumbing feels quite an old-fashioned thing to do, but it’s so tasty, and keeps the meat it envelops really juicy. Salad was a good crunchy foil to the cheesy breadcrumbs, and a squeeze of lemon over the pork brought the whole thing together. Mmm. Lunch win.

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