Pizza margherita

Keeping with Matt’s no-red-meat plea, we had pizza for dinner. Another first, but I guessed having made bread reasonably successfully, pizza dough would be pretty much the same. Guess again.

Maybe I got a bit cocky? Or maybe the variable factors of warmth, humidity and peculiarities of flour were at play? Or maybe I just got something a bit wrong? Whatever it was, this dough recipe (from the May issue of delicious.) dough was wet and sticky, and no bread dough I’ve made has been that wet. I didn’t want to add in too much flour as I kneaded, hearing Ashburton’s bread teachings ringing faintly in my ears (if you keep adding flour, you mess up the ratio you’ve already calculated of yeast, salt and sugar) so I rolled with it. Or rather, I stretched, patched and pressed it….

I also forgot to knock it down before we went out for a mid-afternoon screening of Star Trek, so that could have added something to the end stickiness?

But sticky or not, it tasted good! I squidged out a rough circle onto a baking sheet sprinkled with polenta (yeah, that was probably not a good idea. I’ll use baking paper next time to prevent sticking in places) and spread over some homemade tomato sauce. Some basil leaves went on next, and on top of those were ripped up chunks of mozzarella. A drizzle of olive oil and ten minutes in the oven and dinner was done.

This was far tastier than many pizzas I’ve had, and although there’s no replacement for real wood-fired pizza, this is a pretty good substitute. Another recipe to practice and refine. I’ll go hunting for differnet dough recipes and see how they compare to this one.

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