Parma-wrapped mackerel

As delicious the chocolate veloute, cookie and cinnamon ice-cream was, it was the last of three courses I did that day.

First and second courses were picked from Georgio Locatelli’s Made In Italy (Food and Stories) which is a gorgeous book and full of straightforward but completely delicious recipes, as well as musings on ingredients, and tales from Georgio’s childhood and cooking career.

I love mackerel, but have never seen nor thought of pairing it with Parma ham but oh my goodness, it’s a fabulous combination. And so very simple: wrap a fillet of mackerel in two slices of Parma ham or paper-thin pancetta, pan fry for a few minutes each side in a hot, dry pan, and serve on some dressed salad leaves. Trickle a little saffron dressing over each one and you’re done. The Parma ham keeps the mackerel moist and juicy, whilst itself crisping up beautifully. The two dressings I made (Georgio’s vinaigrette and Saffron vinaigrette) were lovely and complemented the fish well.

However, I do need to keep practicing my filleting skills. The first fillet came off perfectly, but I felt all cack-handed on the second, I just couldn’t get the action right. I need to revisit my Ashburton folder, or one of my fish books.

Make this dish though – it’s amazing. It will definitley be added to my permanent reportoire.

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