Thai fish cakes

I love thai fish cakes. Absolutely adore them. Love that bouncy texture and warm spice, and love the dipping sauce. but for some reason, haven’t ever made them. That changed when I saw some good-looking and bargainous coley in Steve Hatt’s, and lunch was decided upon.

In here is 450g coley, about a tablespoon of red thai paste, about a tablespoon of nam pla, a couple of dried lime leaves, a spoonful of chopped garlic, pepper and one egg.

Whizz all the ingredients up in a food processor or hand blender chopper attachment thingy like I have.

Form this slightly unappetising paste into little patties and shallow fry. Serve with sweet chilli sauce. I made about 20 little fish cakes in all.

They were really good, but as usual, second time around I’ll tweak it to include lemongrass, lime juice and spring onions, and reduce the overall saltiness but cutting down on nam pla.

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