Plant it, grow it, eat it!

Most summers I try growing herbs in my back garden. I started off planting them in the beds, then we got Dylan…’s pee on a rosemary bush, anyone? So now they’re in pots, but they never quite get there, and tend to wilt or simply die off as summer progresses. Certainly no bushy, fragrant wonders like Nigel describes on his little North London patch.

This summer, I’m trying again, and even if the newest bunch don’t thrive, I have one success to my name. Look at my salad leaves!

10 days ago

Woo hoo! The slugs haven’t eaten them (yet) and there’s no weird signs of bugs or disease. We may have to time munching them before the inevitable plague of something lands but after they’re a bit bigger. But don’t they look like tasty little leaves?!

And all from a free packet of mixed salad seeds (pak choi, salad rocket, mizuna, mibuna, cima di rapa, green mustard and red mustard) I got in delicious. magazine. I am imbued with delight in all things green and growing.

Even the potted herbs are growing.

From this:

To this: the same 10 days.

Maybe the plants were better quality this year (I got the dill, oregano and tarragon above, plus mint, marjoram, rosemary and some nasturtiums from Jimmy’s Farm)? Or I’ve grown some green fingers when I wasn’t looking. Who knows, and who cares. The good life is one step closer.

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