Monday night cookup part 2

Next up, soup for lunches this week. I followed a different recipe for soda bread yesterday (Richard Corrigan’s from the March delicious.) and alongside that recipe is one for colcannon soup. That set me off on a similar vein, but with added bacon. What isn’t improved by bacon?!

So first was the mmm….bacon, snipped into strips and fried in a dry saucepan until brown and leaching some of its fat. Then about 6 chopped potatoes (skins left on) on top, and about 500ml chicken stock, about 200 more of water as I know that particular batch of chicken stock was quite concentrated.

Once the potatoes are almost cooked, in with a shredded small pointed cabbage, and I poked that about until it wilted. Then to finish, a splash of single cream that was in the fridge, and half the chopped parsley (the other half went in with the pork and beans).

Soup is a cinch, and I don’t know why more people don’t make it. You don’t need a recipe, just some vegetables, some other flavourings (meat, herbs, spices, more vegetables, maybe some cream, creme fraiche, or not – whatever you have lying around) and some stock (homemade, bouillion powder, ready-made) or even just water, and salt and pepper. Every time I bring some into work, someone comments how good homemade soup is, but that they never bother making it. I just don’t understand why not!

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