“It just doesn’t taste of much” is the usual response when someone, normally Matt, waxes lyrical about how refreshing and lovely melon tastes, especially in the heat of summer. I don’t hate it, I just don’t love it. But one came in the veg box last week, then another one this week, so I figured I’d better eat it.

My favoured melon delivery vehicle is prosciutto or any cured, dried ham. The saltiness of the ham, the cool wateriness of the melon, pretty good. So I thought I’d take that idea and work upwards to be a real meal. Don’t get me wrong, I’d happily eat ham-wrapped melon all day, but not sure the wallet would stretch to that much Parma!

Keeping the recurring use-up-what-I-have-already theme, a salad was duly assembled with both veg box lettuce and more garden leaves (they’ve zoomed back up after being harvested, am keen to see how long they keep going!), the aforementioned prosciutto crudo, some St Agur blue cheese, and a sprinkle of walnuts. No dressing since melon is watery enough to add enough moisture to prevent the salad tasting too dry, the ham and cheese are highly flavoured and the garden leaves pack quite a punch already.

Blue cheese + dried ham = good. Melon and dried ham= good. Cheese+melon=kind of good! With the leaves and walnuts, this salad did come together, just! I tried to keep a bit of ham in the forkful each time and that was tasty. The blue cheese and melon alone wasn’t quite as tasty, but didn’t taste bad. Definitely a good melon dish though. And with a glass of chilled fino, and excellent Saturday lunch.

P.S. Have just checked the Abel and Cole website and more melon is on the list for next week. Oh boy, better get more creative!

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