Pasta parcels with spinach. ruby chard, blue cheese and mascarpone

I thought I’d give pasta another go, after the disappointing results from last time. This time, I used the Ashburton pasta recipe from my course (225g 00 flour, 25ml olive oil, 3 eggs + one yolk, grated nutmeg and salt), which certainly produced a dough that was far easier to work.

I’d been toying with ideas for a filling, and settled on leaves and cheese, which are usually a good combination. I lightly steamed 200g bag each of ruby chard (washed and very ends of the stalks trimmed) and spinach (washed and picked over, big stems removed).

This was wrung out in a clean tea towel to get it pretty dry, but I did leave some moisture in there. I chopped the leaves and mixed them though about 100g of St Agur, 60g-ish (quarter of a 250g tub) of light mascarpone, and a finely chopped stem from green garlic I picked up in the farmers market and had no real clue what to do with!

Then to the pasta-rolling and stuffing and shaping. I’d like to get better at this, and am going to keep my eye out for a pasta-making course so I can learn cutting and shaping techniques. For now, ravioli seems to fail in my kitchen, so I’m sticking with the much more successful mezaluna shape.

I rolled the first batch of pasta too thin in my first batch and had to throw away a few that burst once filled (that pesky sharpness of wilted chard stems), so am sticking with the penultimate setting for filled shapes in future (or until I get better at making dough, one or the other). You can taste the difference with the parcels made from the slightly thicker pasta, which is no bad thing when the dough tastes good, and on balance, I’d rather have slightly heavier water-tight parcels that more delicate water-logged ones.

The filling was lovely though, although I probably made about twice as much as I actually needed for that quantity of pasta, and twice as much pasta as I needed for dinner! The extra filling will be mixed through in with orecchiette and broad beans for tomorrow’s dinner, the extra parcels will be frozen for another time.

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