I’m a bit behind with posts, and have a few photos and mental recipes stacked up, so best crack on….

Love peanut butter. Love red curry. Stands to reason I love satay. Lots of shop sauces are too sweet, not spicy enough. My aim is the yummy stay dipping sauce served in Viet Garden with lots of dishes, my fave being summer rolls.

So my most recent attempt was pretty successful. I mixed together:
  • A fat tablespoon, tablespoon and a half (I do love it!) of crunchy peanut butter
  • A small squeeze (maybe teaspoon?) of shrimp paste
  • A gloop (maybe a tablespoon, wee bit less?) of chilli sauce
  • A regular tablespoon of red curry paste
  • About 15ml fish sauce
  • About 10ml same of lime juice
  • Enough water to form a thick sauce
I cooked some rice sticks in boiling water, drained and left soaking in cold water to stop then sticking into one giant lump of noodle mush. I flash fried onion, courgette and carrot. I also browned some tofu separately. This all sat on the side while I got on with the sauce. I poured the sauce into the wok to cook it off a bit (the shrimp paste and red curry paste definitely need some cooking) and then tossed in the tofu, mixed it round a bit, then added the cooked vegetables.
Then all that was left was to toss the noodles in and serve with a wedge of lime. No photos of the final noodles as a) I was starving hungry and b) it didn’t look that pretty!

The challenge to overcome for next time is to get the noodles in while hot, or get them hot in the wok but avoid them sticking together which they seem to do when I use them straight from cooking them and drop them into whatever flavourings await. Will ponder and browse some blogs for tips.

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