When did "quiche" become "tart"?

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old woman, when did we stop calling savoury custard-filled pasty shells “quiche”? My last issue of delicious. had two recipes for quiche, but called them tarts. Including one by a French chef. I don’t get it. Has quiche become officially un-sexy? Too credit-crunchy? And why has “flan” not stepped up to the plate? Actually, “flan” does sound un-sexy.

Anyway, I made a quiche, a definite quiche. Inspired by the broad bean tart in delicious., I set about making my own version to feature the cheese M brought home from his Alpine cycle trip. Mmm…..cheese. French cheese at that. And also because I wanted to use my new deep, fluted, loose-bottomed tin, as I am that sad that I get a little bit excited using even boring kitchen things when they’re new. I only had an impractically shallow one until last weekend, that was lovely for tarts, but no good for quiche 😉

I frankly could not be bothered making pastry on Saturday though, so defrosted some ready-made shortcrust, rolled it out, pricked the bottom, lined it with baking paper and filled it with baking beans. I blind baked the pastry shell for about 15 minutes, removing the baking beans for the last five.

(I also made mini jam tarts and some experimental cheddar cheese and pickle mini tarts as we were so hungry, the oven was on and I had a random amount of pastry left. Oh, they were good!)

While the case was baking, I podded and blanched the broad beans from this week’s veggie box. I find podding beans so nice, not sure why. I’m all about the digression today….I’d been frying a small onion and some of that green garlic while all this was going on. The onion went on the bottom of the case, followed by the cheese, then the broad beans dropped on top.

The custard was 3 eggs, 2 egg yolks, about 125ml (half a tub) of creme fraiche, a drop of milk to loosen the mixture a bit and salt and pepper. That was poured over and I baked the quiche for 25 minutes at 180°c fan, which in retrospect was too hot, but we were hungry. Think a lower temp, about 160°c fan, for about 30-35 minutes would have given a much more satisfying wobble, instead of the set quiche we got.

Very tasty though. Served with some garden salad leaves, and some lettuce dressed with Mellow Yellow Blackberry Vinegar salad dressing, it was a lovely light Saturday lunch. Of QUICHE!

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