I haven’t done much cooking at all since getting back from Glastonbury as I haven’t been in much, so in the meantime, this is a snapshot of what you missed at the summer’s best food festival that happens to have bands playing at it….

Creole chicken from Yam the cassava
Cajun (a kind of jerk-lite) chicken from Yam the Cassava. Have to say I thought Yam’s offerings this year was really disappointing compared to years past. And proof if it were needed: Matt only ate there once in 4 days!
Best bacon and egg roll on site from the Real Sausage Company. Thick, crispy bacon, egg over easy, brown roll with a cup of tea or coffee thrown in for £3.50. Oddly for a sausage stall, their sausages weren’t as tasty though.

Jerk chicken from another Jamaican food stall. Very tasty jerk, just spicy enough.
Red velvet cupcake from the cupcake van in Trash City. Delicious!

Burrow Hill cider: without it, Glastonbury just wouldn’t be Glastonbury. Mine’s a medium, Matt’s a dry.

Curry mutton from the Jamaican stall near the cider bus. Very, very good.

And the music was pretty good too 🙂

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