Summer sausage rolls

I made these as an easily portable dinner for the drive to Glastonbury. That wasn’t really thought through all that well – pastry has a habit of crumbling as it’s eaten. But given the very, very long queue we joined a mile from Shepton Mallet, I was glad we had something to eat, pastry crumbs or not.
I started off with a packet of defrosted puff pastry, 5 peppery pork sausages from my butcher, and about 150g diced pork shoulder, which I chopped up some more. I squeezed the sausages from the casing and split the meat in half, and added half the chopped pork to each bowl. Each bowl then went in a different flavour direction. The one on the left got about 12 chopped apricots, a couple of finely chopped spring onions. The other got a teaspoon of hot paprika and a finely chopped roasted pepper which I had denuded and deseeded.

After a good squish to mix the flavours through the meat, I dropped lumps of mixture to make a wobbly line of sausage meat down each half of rolled pastry. I tried to made the line slightly off centre and pasted a line of egg wash down the edge closest to the filling so I could flip the other side of pastry over and seal it.
I sliced the line into 4 almost all the way, but didn’t pull them apart in the hope of saving my kitchen counter from a crumbly mess trying to slice them later and that worked pretty well.
I baked them at 180c for about 55 minutes as the pastry didn’t go all that brown in the first 30-40 minutes. Et voila, home made sausage rolls.

Matt preferred the paprika and red pepper, I preferred the apricot and spring onion. It’s like we were destined to be festival-bound car buddies forever or something 🙂

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