It’s good to be back

Hmm, two posts in a row in the “sorry that it’s been a while” vein. Not good practice. But unavoidable, I’m afraid. Not long after my last post, my Dad was admitted to hospital, shortly after that he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and almost no time at all after his diagnosis, suddenly, but peacefully, died. So family commitments have kept me away from London and my blog for the rest of the summer. But now I’m back, not quite from outer space (although Nairn does feel like another planet on occasion) and will try to make up for lost time.
Last weekend was my 30th birthday, and the weekend’s celebrations got off to a scrumptious start with lunch at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road. A better lunch for £45 you will not find. (Photos of each dish are up over at Facebook.)

They brought Matt and I a birthday sorbet!
Then a weekend of camping it up at Billycan Camping in West Sussex which has a fantastic wood-burning barbecue grill on which I cooked up an awesome breakfast on Saturday morning, and a massive barbecue on Saturday night.

Breakfast Billycan bangers sizzling on the barbecue
Then back to work, and back to London proper. On my meander down Upper Street today I popped into Frae, a frozen yogurt place that popped up in Camden Passage a few months ago, and their frozen yogurt is good. Really good. I had the plain green tea offering, no toppings, but they do a regular plain yogurt, and more toppings you can imagine, for 65p each. Go try some.
And tonight, I’m back to cooking and blogging. And do you know what, I missed it. Feels good to be back 🙂

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