Crumble-topped Bramleys

Some lovely crisp Bramley’s made their debut in my last veg box last week.  I know they’re crisp because I didn’t read the veg box receipt and mistook them for eating apples, popping one in my bag on the way to work the next day.  As I munched on it at my desk, pulling more ridiculous faces with each bite, I checked the Abel and Cole website to find the variety.  So the remaining two were earmarked for the oven.

An apple each makes for a perfect dessert (well, perfect in that I’m saved the temptation of just dividing a four-person pudding in two) on an autumnal day.

I split each apple in two lengthways and sliced out the core.  I raided the cupboards for some happy apple companions, thinking sultanas or raisins, but on finding the cupboards bare on that front, plumped for some crystallised ginger.  I sliced about 6 or 7 chunks into thick slices and popped a few on each apple half.

The crumble topping was 50g cold butter rubbed into 2 kitchen tablespoons each of plain flour, caster sugar and 4-grain porridge oats that I spied in Waitrose yesterday.  It’s a mix of oats, rice, wheat and barley and looks like it’ll make a yummy porridge now that it’s a bit chillier of a morning.

The mix was quite buttery, probably a bit richer than a regular crumble, but I’m feeling like I’m getting a cold and in need of a culinary hug which this definitely supplied.

Served with some clotted cream ice-cream, this was a perfect comfort pudding for a dark October Sunday night.

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