Christmas is a-coming…

…and the goose is fat and ready to go!

Looks like Crouch End killed my blogging mojo, but Highbury, I’m hoo-oome!  And just in time for Christmas.  The flat is almost finished but that’s for the other blog.  Over here, it’s all about my shiny new kitchen!

IKEA-tastic it may be, but it’s sleek and lovely, with an induction hob, new oven, integrated sink, and shelves a-plenty.  It’s also, er, missing a back door, but as I say, that’s not this blog’s concern!
So with glass of rose prosecco to my left, and the sound of a gently blipping gravy down the corridor to my right, I bring you the Doesn’t Do Dishes Christmas menu:

Smoked salmon on potato blinis with horseradish cream, with a glass (or two) of Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2001
Pork and duck terrine with cranberry and pistachio, radicchio salad
Roast goose with cranberrry, lemon and juniper stuffing and all the trimmings
Black forest cheesecake
Christmas cake, mince pies and coffee
The pork and duck terrine is based on a BBC Good Food recipe, but I’m not sure it’s quite right…..140°C seems too low a temperature to me to roast duck breasts in order for the fat to render, so I slammed it up, and when then didn’t have the desired effect, stripped the fat off the breasts, roasted that until a few tablespoons of fat had rendered, and roughly chopped the duck meat by hand (the recipe says to roughly process with the shallots, garlic and bread).  I don’t have a food processor so I chopped the rest of the meaty ingredients in batches in my little Multi-quick chopper bowl, which ended up quite fine so I think chopping the duck by hand will give a more interesting texture when the terrine is served and eaten.  I also upped the seasonings having fried a bit off and tasted it.  But I actually stuck to the rest of the recipe quite closely, for once!
Chopped meats and seasonings
That is NEVER going to fit in there….
Halfway sprinkle of pistachios and cranberries
It did all squeeze in!
…and some bacon on top.  Mmm, bacon.
Also prepped and ready to go tomorrow is the stuffing for the goose, none of which will probably end up actually stuffed in the goose, but served alongside.
Sausage-meat from the butchers, sage, cranberries, a chopped apple, ground juniper berries….
…and then after a tasting, some lemon zest, juice of a lemon and some more cranberries and juniper.
And lastly, gravy.  I watched the first episode of Jamie’s Family Christmas this week and liked his get ahead gravy idea: roast up some veggies and chicken wings in the oven, then add flour, pour over water, and let it bubble away on the hob for a couple of hours.  Strain, and store in the fridge until the big day, when you can add any resting juices, and have gravy ready to go.
Mash the wings and veg every now and then, and that’s it – simples!
Next up, the Black Forest cheesecake, which is a bit of a joint effort: Matt’s idea, my execution.  Chocolate cheesecake, cherries, and kirsch cream.  Probably….we’ll see how I get on.
Watch this space!

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