Dinner part two

I admit it:  I forgot (or was a little distracted by all the wine-drinking that had to be done) to take anywhere near decent photos of the rest of the Christmas Day feast.  And more than slightly rattled by cooking in a new oven which magically produces steam where there was none before (I’m hoping that bodes well for bread-making)…thus making roast parsnips and tatties a harder task than need be.  But hey, it was Christmas so we had another glass of sparkling wine, and munched on a few potato blinis topped with smoked salmon and horseradish creme fraiche. I had made the batter for breakfast, and it made tons, so there was plenty left to cook up as a pre-dinner snackette, and a perfect accompaniment for more fizz.  French Laundry recipe too….get me, taking on Keller on Christmas morning.  The recipe did break my whisk though.  I shouldn’t have followed the recipe so slavishly  – whisking potato does not work.  Beating it hard with a wooden spoon is what’s called for.

Whisk fail imminent….solid lump of potato a harbinger of doom
No matter, batter turned out fine.  Beautifully brown potato blini
The final plateful: gone in just over 60 seconds
Then the main event – finally!  We started with the terrine, which was a plate of meaty goodness, served with raddichio, gherkins and tomatoes.
Then came The Goose.  It turned out perfectly, and about a gallon of fat is still awaiting my attention (I’ll strain it and pop in it clean, dishwasher-hot jars for a year’s worth of perfect roasties).
And finally (a wee while later) was the chocolate cheesecake, 70’s’d up with kirsch-soaked whole and sour cherries, and cream.  Black Forest-tastic.
All in all, a pretty fab Christmas dinner.
P. S. The Christmas cake, mince pies and cheese came on Boxing Day….too full!

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