Crab and lemon risotto

No fanfare, no excuses.  Thanks to pokes by some loyal DDD followers,  I’m back, and tonight it’s all about the elegant simplicity of a risotto.

Having been a bit under the weather last week, it’s taken me a little a time to get back up to full eating capacity, and I’ve been craving veggie and fishy flavours over meaty ones.  So last night, I knocked up a mixed fish coconut curry, leaving M enough to have for dinner tomorrow when I’m out celebrating a  colleague’s escape from the evil clutches of our employer.  And tonight, I felt like more rice, but this time an altogether silkier affair.

So two wee onions, finely sliced and gently cooked for about 5 minutes in some plain olive oil and a knob of butter were joined by as many slivered cloves of garlic, and knocked about together in the pan for another minute or so.  In flowed two generous cupped palms of arborio and once tossed about in the buttery oil, a good splash of white wine.

In a pan on the side I’d defrosted a small-food bag full of frozen chicken stock and once the wine had almost vanished, I started adding the stock, sometimes ladleful at a time, then later a bit more of a slosh straight from the pan as I got hungrier.  After about half the stock had gone in, I scraped about half the zest off an unwaxed lemon,left it a  few minutes and tasted it, and added about another quarter.   The stock wasn’t quite enough, so a slug of freshly boiled kept the consistency liquid but let the rice cook through. I like my risotto more cooked than crunchy.

A single spring onion sliced finely was added after all the stock had almost been absorbed, and once it cooled a little, I stirred through a tub of brown crab meat and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Not as liquid as I’d normally prefer, but I got  a little bit distracted and it got a touch overcooked.  Still delightfully crabby and belly-filling regardless.

Green beans (from Kent!  Finally the right season for them!) on the side, and dinner is done.


(And it’s good to be back.  I won’t be gone so long next time).

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