Omelette Doesn’t Do Dishes

Omelette Arnold Bennett is one of those dishes I really like the idea of to eat, but I’ve never been anywhere with it on the menu (or if I have, something else won the battle for my attention) and from it I took inspiration for tonight’s dinner.

We didn’t get round to eating the Blakewell Fishery smoked trout we bought in Devon so that came home with us, and was winking at me from the fridge, alongside some Devonian clotted cream and the last chunk of Godminster cheddar.  That combination put me in mind of the famous open-faced smoked haddock omelette created by The Savoy. A quick flick thorough Roast Chicken and Other Stories confirmed I was on the right lines: smoked fish, cheese, a creamy sauce and eggs.

So a reasonably finely sliced leek was gently fried in olive oil and a bit of butter.  Three beaten eggs with a  little pepper mixed in were poured on and whipped about a bit until the mix begun to show signs of cooking.  I’d peeled the skin off and flaked the flesh of one of the beautiful smoked trout into a bowl already, and scattered about half on to the egg, followed by some squished up Godminster cheddar, and flecks of clotted cream.

A quick flash under the grill, and it was done.  How simple is that?

Donna’s dinner, done.

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