Chocolate parkin biscuits

The things I do to avoid housework.  Train of thought went: must vacuum (I’m too much of a pedant to call it Hoovering when I have a Dyson, and can’t make Dysoning catch on) – then will have a cup of tea –  but ooh, a biscuit to go with the tea would be nice – do we have any biscuits? – oh, only digestives – ah well – but I could make some – and then I can tidy up…

Biscuits have just come out of the oven,  Dyson is still sitting in the corner.  Not allowed a biscuit until I’ve cleared up though.  I’m tough with myself, sometimes.

Anyway, the recipe is an absolue gem from Dan Lepard’s How to bake series that is in every Saturday’s Guardian.

You can make them in about 10 minutes (it’s a dead simple melt-butter-then-chuck-everything-else-in kind of recipe).  They take 20 minutes to cook, with a bit longer to cool and firm up a bit.  Perfect interval to do some tedious housework then get comfy on the sofa with the Christmas delicious. a mug of tea and one of these beauties.  One word of advice, don’t be lazy and just dollop the batter onto a baking sheet: make the little round balls Dan tells you too as the mix really spreads and you’ll end up with beasts of biscuits instead of a collection of neat little cookies.  But it’s Hallowe-en so I’ll forgive myself the laziness since beasts are the order of the day.

But I suppose I best Dyson up now?  (No, it just doesn’t work.  Damn you Hoover and your ubiquity.)

The I can have a cup of tea and one of these babies, fresh from the oven.

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