A different kind of rock cake

My mum made rock cakes all the time when I was little (and now that I’m thinking of them, I should get the recipe and make some. They’d be just lovely with a cup of tea).  But to honour the passing of my friend Nik’s 20s I made an altogether different kind of rock cake.

To celebrate her 30th year, she threw a Burlesque-themed wake, and I wanted to give her a fitting confection, and for that I needed black.  Lots of black.  And some glitter.  And maybe some other shiny bits…. armed with my new decorating supplies, I set about creating the darkest birthday cake I could…

Entombed in black chocolate ganache was a chocolate sponge (Nigella’s Birthday Cake recipe, p28 of How To Eat) and a filling of Amaretto cream (250g mascarpone, 200g fromage frais, 2tbsp sifted icing sugar, 3tbsp Amaretto).  The piping was plain royal icing, although it wasn’t as thick as it should be, so didn’t sit as proudly as I’d have liked, and began to run a wee bit with the bigger letters. But I love the overall effect, especially the black glitter outline round the coffin and the silver studs – very rawk, very Nik.  And the ribbon cords were a practical solution to getting it out of its box, and are pleasingly in keeping with the theme.

And the birthday girl loved it!

Happy birthday Nik!

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