…and for dessert…

Just before I started the pheasant, I assembled a pudding to go in the oven at the same time as the pot-roast.

It’s blooming chilly in London today, and the bread is going a  bit stale, so bread pudding seemed the logical choice.  Didn’t really fancy a proper bread and butter pudding, so played around with chocolate and spices instead.  This is what I used: you can mix things up any old how.  Marmalade is favorite in this house, maybe a glug of whisky in with the milk, or rum….

Chocolate bread pudding
2 eggs cracked into a jug
A dollop of leftover double cream (maybe a tablespoon?)
Topped up to 3/4 pint mark with milk
A pinch of cinnamon
A pinch of mixed spice
A dessert spoon of sugar
Two rows of Green and Blacks Maya gold, chopped up
About 160g stale bread, sliced
Another spoonful of sugar to sprinkle on top.

Lay the bread pieces quite snugly in a overproof dish.  Pur over the eggy mix, and sprinkle the chocolate chunks over, poking them under the bread here and there.  Sprinkle the other spoonful of sugar over, and leave for the bread to suck up the milky mix for about 15 minutes (or while you get on with whatever you’re having for dinner).

Pop in the oven (180ish, but will happily cook alongside something at a lower temperature) for about half an hour to 40 minutes, at what point it will be crispy and golden on top and squidgy underneath.

Eat snuggled up on the sofa, hiding from Jack Frost.

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