Beetroot soup to warm you up

It’s freezing out there.  Warm yourself up with a  bowl of soup.
I love my vegetable box, but sometimes get a  bit behind eating them all, so soup is my saviour.  I think beetroot is best roasted, and when I have some, pop it in the oven while cooking something else, and leave the cooled beets in the fridge for use in a warm or cold salad with mackerel, relish for roast beef, or soup.  Scrub the beets and put into a tinfoil parcel with a little oil and some garlic, or open roast them in a tray.  If they’re big, chop them in halves or quarters, if they’re about the size of a golf ball, leave them whole.  I generally don’t bother peeling them, and just take the top off.  Do whatever you prefer.

Once cooked, I usually blend it up to a thick puree with vegetable stock, but the snow inspired me to be a bit more traditionally Polish and leave the chunks whole.  Because they were already cooked, this soup took about 10 minuts to make, perfect when you need warmed up from the inside.

Fry an onion until soft, add the chopped beetroot, some dill and some beef stock (mine was from a Kallo stock cube). Simmer to warm the beets through. Serve!

I missed one lonely beetroot when I roasted them, and found it when I went in to get the onion for this soup.  So I peeled it (and yes, I suffer the pink hands. Can’t be done with gloves to peel vegetables) and chopped it roughly before putting it in my mini chopper with a spoonful of creme fraiche and teaspoon of horseradish to make a spiky little relish to top the soup.

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