Linguine with PSB

I learn something new every day.  I thought purple sprouting broccoli was a late winter/early spring vegetable, but my vegetable depot has had it in stock for the last couple of weeks.  As much as I love cabbage, spinach and brussels, it was wonderful to see something different in amongst the leafy greens.

I cooked it tonight with some pasta.  It’s so simple I can scarcely call it a recipe, but here goes:

3 skinny sticks of celery
Splash of white wine
Spoonful of creme fraiche
Wodge of stilton (maybe 100g)
Pasta for two –  I used linguine
2 massive handfuls of PSB

Get a huge pan of water on to boil.  Trim the PSB and split any chunky stalks so it all cooks roughly evenly.  If you’ve never cooked PSB before do not freak out that it’s mainly stalk and leaf, that’s the whole point.  Once the water is boiling, add all the PSB and cook for about 4 minutes if you like your vegetables to be a bit crunchy, more if you’re more of a softy. When done, fish out with some tongs and into a colander.  Bring the water back to the boil and cook the pasta in it.
While the pasta is cooking, gently fry the celery in a little oil.  Add the wine and creme fraiche, stir, and add the cheese.  Add the drained PSB, put a lid on and take off the heat. Wait for the pasta to finish cooking.
When the pasta’s done, thrown it, plus a good splosh of pasta water, into the vegetables and cheese,  toss about with some big tongs to coat the pasta in sauce, and leave to sit a few minutes so the pasta soaks up some sauce.
Serve.  Eat. Then go see Vampire Weekend. Well, that’s what I did.  Enjoy the long evening you’ll have after such a quick supper.

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