Rhubarb, vanilla and Greek yogurt crumb cake

The finished cake, a la mode.
It’s rhubarb time!  I love love love rhubarb, from the tender, pale pink, early stems that have just hit the vegetable racks, all the way through to the chunky astringent late summer crops.  I am definitely planting a pot of rhubarb when I eventually start growing my own vegetables.
Crumble before being pressed and chilled into a solid mass
Early season forced rhubarb has only just made an appearance at my veggie place and although I missed out last week, there was either more to go round this week, or I just got lucky, but I bagged some yesterday, and it seems I chose my moment well.  The March delicious. features no less than three recipes with rhubarb centre-stage, Dan Lepard did an upside-down rhubarb cheesecake in the How To Bake column this week, and the rhubarb and cointreau cranachan is on my must-cook list from River Cottage Every Day.  But which to do?!
Rhubarb tossed in flour and sugar
The photo of the delicious. crumble cake won me over (although oddly, not the cover picture, but the one inside where I thought it looked like a newly unwrapped present).  Despite creating a mountain of washing up, the cake was dead easy to make, and the three-layer approach is definitely a technique I’ll adapt to other fruits.  The crumble topping is brilliant: melted butter, sugar and flour chilled until set, then broken up into lumps and scattered on top of the fruit gave a really interesting texture to the finished cake.  The sponge stayed surprisingly light underneath the fruit, and the fruit came out perfectly.
Rubbly crumble topping
Minor criticisms?  I’m not sure what tossing it in flour and sugar added to the fruit, so will probably skip that bit next time, and my butter and sugar certainly didn’t melt into a “caramel sauce”.  And I had to make one substitution: with no sour cream in the fridge, I used Greek yogurt and it tasted just grand.  Matt said he’d be happy getting it for pudding in a restaurant.  High praise indeed.
Delicious. has earned its keep for another month….I swear every time I think about cancelling my subscription, they pull something out of the bag.  Let’s see what next month brings.

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