Roast pork belly with pomegranate molasses

I made Nigel Slater’s roast pork belly with pomegranate molasses last weekend and I urge you to do the same.  I’ve only just cottoned on to the diversity of food shops in Dalston (I know, slow on the uptake, me.  Only lived here for 7 years…) and went to the Turkish supermarket just to get the molasses.

If Matt hadn’t been waiting for me outside in the car, I could have happily wandered round for a good hour, exploring the bazillion things I’ve probably never seen or heard of.  I will be back.  And not just because there’s an amazing cake decorating shop next door….

Anyway, back to the pork.  All you need is pomegranate molassses (my bottle was £1.85, for 300ml), lemon juice, garlic and water, along with your piece of pork belly.  Mine had been somewhat oddly butchered, hence the weird dip in the middle, but the sharp and sour marinade was just gorgeous with the fattiness of the pork.  Just make it.  You know you want to.

2 thoughts on “Roast pork belly with pomegranate molasses

  1. Hey, not only are we obviously neighbours – I go to that store (TFC, surely) too, and seriously, 7 years? How could you be here that long without discovering that particular Aladdin's cave? – but I too have done and blogged Slater's molasses pork belly (

    It didn't come out so great for me – good, but not great. I have to say though that, despite the odd butchering, your pork belly looks good. The crackling in particular. If that was as crisp and tasty as it looks, I'm seriously impressed. What's your method?


  2. Hi Sebastian. I live in neighbouring Islington and simply hadn't ever had a reason to go to Dalston! But I returned to the cake shop a few weeks later to behold its marvels and stock up on paste food dyes.

    As for the crackling, I think I just kept it really dry, then was pretty liberal with the salt. It did taste as good as it looks, but I find crackling can be hit and miss, I know I've resorted to grilling it before to get it to puff up. I'm making pork belly later this week and if the crackling comes out perfectly, will post about it 🙂

    And I've come across your blog in my food-blogging wanderings round the web – nice to meet you!


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