Jetlag breakfast

So, there’s some benefits to being unable to sleep past 5am…..I’ll be saying goodbye to my awesome web developers today with a batch of brownies, and I’ve had a big enough breakfast to keep me going through the yawning gap between early o’clock and lunchtime.

This was inspired by Caravan‘s baked eggs with pepper and chorizo ragu, which comes with a hearty dollop of Greek yogurt on top.  That might sound a bit weird, but it works to tone down the spicy chorizo, and goes far better with runny eggs that I thought before trying it.

My version is a lot simpler, but I think still pretty damn tasty.  And a lovely celebration of my last Friday in a job…..

A note on chorizo.  I am a relative newcomer to raw chorizo having used dried stuff whenever a recipe called for it.  I have only ever seen the raw ones sold by Brindisa and now then whenever I’ll be cooking them, and leave the air dried ones for munching in slices.  Brindisa do both a sweet and spicy paprika version, and they are handily available from the lovely Peche Mignon at the end of my road.  They come in a pack of six for about a fiver.  Sounds expensive but a little goes a long way. And they freeze very well – I wrap them up in pairs and use them for dishes like this where one per person is more than enough.

Chorizo and eggs on toast 
Serves one hungry jet-lagged girl

1 fresh chorizo sausage
2 eggs (I had duck, and mighty fine they were) but one would be fine if you weren’t ravenous
2 slices of sourdough toast (as before, one for the less greedy)
Couple of big spoonfuls of tomato sauce (spaghetti sauce, tomato based stew leftovers in the fridge, anything) or just chopped tomatoes, seasoned
Greek or plain yogurt
Parsley if you have some.

Slice the chorizo into 4-5 thick slices and fry in a pan big enough to then fit your egg(s).  When the chorizo is browned nicely on both sides, move over to the side of the pan and crack your eggs in.  Get your bread toasting.

Add the tomato sauce on top of the chorizo to warm through, and don’t stress if the eggs and tomato start to mingle.  If you’ve used plain chopped tomato, add a bit of seasoning, and maybe some herbs.  Oregano is good with chorizo.  Thyme is great with eggs.  Or go wild with marjoram…

Cook your eggs to your liking – I flip mine.

Get your toast ready on a plate, buttered or oiled as you like it.

Add the eggs to the toast, and then dollop the chorizo and tomato mix on top.  Add a good spoonful of yogurt, and the parsley to make it look pretty and taste nice.

Enjoy, knowing you absolutely won’t be hungry mid-morning and had a better breakfast than most of the people on your bus/tube/cycle route.

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