Lunch today: halloumi and chard scramble

A lunch of leftovers and as-yet-unused veg from last week’s veg box.  I discovered the scramble at Dotty’s in San Francisco a good few years ago and although it’s kind of an omelette, I like not having to follow the rules of omelettes and be more loose of spatula in the pan.

Not quantities for the filling, just use whatever you’ve got to hand.

Empty-the-fridge scramble: halloumi and chard

Handful of chard leaves, stems chopped and leaves chopped separately
4cm-ish thick chunk of halloumi
2 duck eggs
Grated parmesan
2 slices of toast, buttered

Steam/boil the chard stems in a thin layer of water in a shallow frying pan.  This should take a minute or two.  Add the leaves and stir around until wilted.

Move the chard over to the very edge of the pan, and if you can, move that part of the pan slightly off the heat.   Add a splash of oil in the empty space and fry the halloumi until brown and crispy.

While the cheese is crisping up, beat the eggs together. Duck eggs are quite hard to combine so I wouldn’t suggest saving on a bit of washing up and trying to do this in the pan (as I have been known to do) unless you’re happy with a more swirly cooked whites and yolks effect, rather than scrambled eggs.

Stick your toast in the toaster and toss the frying cheese about a bit more.

Pour on the eggs and stir around, not too vigorously but enough to stop it setting into a circle.  Depending how cooked you like your eggs, you can probably turn the heat off now and let the residual heat of the pan finish the eggs off.

Butter your toast and dollop the scramble on top.  I had some spare grated parmesan so that went on top too.

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