Crack pie

I can’t say I wasn’t warned….One of the blogs I love is Smitten Kitchen, and the red wine cake caught my eye a few weeks ago, and I mentioned it on twitter. One of my friends replied she also loved the blog and had become addicted to the strawberry summer cake and made it all summer long.  She warned me of the addictive qualities but did I heed them? Oh no.

I had not spotted this recipe and was a bit annoyed at myself for missing it as I’d been looking for good strawberry recipes a few months ago for the end of my food styling course (oh yeah, keep meaning to write about that….will do…).  The English summertime came good with a last minute burst of sunshine well into October, stretching out the soft fruit season so at the start of this month I made the cake.

Oh. My. God. This is cake crack.  This is what Chris Morris was warning us about, people.

I know the strawberry season is over in England, but consider this a good thing – I am saving you from yourself and the inevitable piggery that will follow making this cake.  (Disclaimer: Erin and Lyndal, if you’re reading this, I take no responsibility for you decimating Aussie strawberry stocks over your summertime).

So I say read it, dribble a bit, remember the recipe and make it as soon as the strawberries appear next summer but make sure you’re got people round to eat it, or resign yourself to feeling quite sick as you pick away at it long after you should have stopped eating.  It really is that good. And is utterly simple to make, even given its US measures which I’ve oh-so-kindly converted for you below.

That said, I have every intention of making it with other fruits, just in the interests of experimentation…’s addictive, I told you.  I’ll be sure to tell you how the variations work out.

The Smitten Kitchen Strawberry Summer Cake recipe in full.

Notes from making it:

  • I couldn’t find barley flour (please tell me if you do) so used 100g plain flour, 75g ground almonds
  • 6tbsp butter = 85g
  • I found the suggested 200g sugar far too sweet and would suggest cutting to 150g
  • Start the oven off at 180/160 fan, then lower to 160/140 fan.
  • My strawberries pretty much all sunk, but it tastes none the worse for that. However the next day the fruity, jammy syrup started seeping out which although still tasting damn fine didn’t look as pretty so I’d suggest making and eating on the same day if it looking pretty matters.
  • Also on the prettiness front, serving from a pie dish is lovely but not v. practical, so if you don’t have a pie dish, a lined cake tin would be just fine and easier to slice and serve.
  • It comes out all puffed up, and then sinks down after about half an hour. Don’t be alarmed!
Puffed up
Sunken and ready to inhale….

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