Breakfast of champions

When I started this blog, I pondered the possibility of one day making a career out of doing something I loved, or at least working in a related field.  In March I was made redundant from a job I’d done for far too long already and I left feeling liberated and ready for a change.  Since then I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the most of the opportunity redundancy offered me to start over and switch career.

I’ve toyed with different ideas and although I learned a lot from some great food stylists and established food writers on two Leith’s-run courses earlier this year, neither really jumped out at me as a career, although I’d like to think some benefits can be seen here! A lot of going round in circles has led me back to where I started: wanting to cook for a living.  And turns out that starts on Monday!

After a trial shift today, I’ll be starting out as a kitchen assistant at Bea’s of Bloomsbury, a fabulous cake shop that strangely enough is right round the corner from my last workplace, and the site of many of my past appraisals and staff one-to-ones over pots tea and wonderful cakes.  I’m starting out at that kitchen for a couple of weeks to learn the ropes before moving to the St Paul’s branch.  I’m completely prepared to do a lot of hard work and will learn to love an early start in return for soaking up knowledge and learning new skills from their team of pastry chefs.  I cannot wait!

Having had a wee breakfast at 5am, and not feeling hungry until I’d finished at 10,  I grabbed some food from Waitrose on my bike ride home.  Turned out these were celebratory sausage and egg muffins given that I was offered the job as they gently sizzled in the pan 🙂

It’s not even a recipe, more of a tarting up of ingredients…..(and I was very hungry…one each might be enough for you) but here it is anyway.

Homemade sausage McMuffins
Makes 2

2 sausages – I tried Waitrose’s Italian fennel ones from the butchery counter and they were lovely
2 eggs
2 English muffins
Condiments of your choosing

Note: You need some cheffy looking non-stick rings or moulds to make this look right, otherwise its just a sausage and egg sarnie.  Which I’ve just realised rather poetically were purchased as part of the swag I acquired with my generous leaving gift of a Divertimenti voucher from my last job. Nice.

Squeeze the sausages from their casings and squash into a ring mould so you’ve got a neat disc of sausage.  Carefully remove the ring and use a fish slice to place the discs into a hot frying pan.

When the sausage is almost done, oil two rings and place them into the frying pan and crack an egg into each one. Split and toast your muffins while the egg fries. When the white is almost set, gently lift the ring off – you may need to use a knife to run round the edge to help release it. I’d suggest you flip your egg, but you know how you like your eggs done.

Assemble the muffin with whatever condiments you fancy interwoven with egg and meat.  Add a slice of cheese if you want extra authenticity.  Savour how much nicer and better for you this is that the Maccy D version.  Yum!

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