Previously on Doesn’t Do Dishes…

Well goodness. It’s been a while, but I think I’m back. I say “I think” because with a small human now monopolising my time it’s hard to know how often I’ll be able to swing by with some new culinary insight or tantalising treats. But I’m going to try.

Where were we?

I had just got a job at Bea’s of Bloomsbury…. I worked there for a year and absolutely loved it. I was lucky enough to work with a crazy, fabulous, talented pastry team who were happy to teach this noob the ways of the kitchen and I left with more cake skills and kitchen experience than I dared hope for, and on the high note of having made a few wedding cakes.

I left because I felt a year was long enough. I saw how things changed throughout a year, the peaks and troughs of busyness, the seasonal events and the stress they can bring, and how to run a cake kitchen effectively. I also saw how different the kitchen was to the office world in terms of people management, support and career progression, and it have me something to consider should I ever run my own place.

I also left because M and I bought a house, and it needed work done to it, which I wanted to do myself. And getting up at 5am had slightly lost its charm…

But I only had a few months of late mornings….Leo came along in June 2013 and it’s been a mad, fun, stressful time since.

Oh yeah, and we moved to Berlin!

So here we are, three of us plus the cat in a Berlin apartment, exploring what Berlin has to offer, figuring out what flour to buy to make bread, and asking the great unanswered questions like why can’t you buy Rice Krispies here? (Seriously, anyone?!). As well as introducing a one year old to the joys of eating well! And doing a LOT of clearing up as a result.


I might not be posting as often as I used to, the posts might look a bit wobbly as most will be typed one-fingered on my phone during naptime and the photos will probably be taken on said phone too but I’ll endeavour to make it sooner than every two and a half years!

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