Chicken satay noodles

The plan to try and cook one meal for us all is in action! Dinner last night was based on an Annabel Karmel recipe for chicken satay skewers and was a reasonable hit. I had leftover roast chicken so made a noodle dish instead I’d marinating raw chicken in the satay sauce (as is the AK recipe) and it was pretty good.


Leo had not encountered noodles before last night and was both intrigued and challenged by them, but figured out a method to get them in his mouth and ended up eating a small tangle, I think. Chicken and pepper slices remained untouched and a rogue strip of pak choi caused a minor gagging incident but all in, a success!

Best thing is that since we shared one plate (I served up one plate and we shared), I have no idea how much or little he ate. Hurrah! And I didn’t have to make dinner for myself once I got him off to bed either, it was all ready. And enough left for lunch today too. Double, nay, triple hurrah!

While Matt is away I think I’ll have a small dinner with Leo most nights, partly for ease of prep, partly because some nights he takes a lot if settling and resettling and this way I definitely get dinner! And it will be a good test of my “one dish to feed them all”  approach.

Chicken satay noodles
Leftover roast chicken, or whatever you have in the fridge: tofu, more veg, whatever you like
1 red pepper
1 head pak choi (or other greens)
2 nests egg noodles

Satay sauce
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 tablespoon each of honey, soy sauce (I use a low salt one these days), rice wine vinegar
1 clove garlic, crushed

Mix the satay ingredients together in a little bowl. It’ll look curdled for a moment then slightly oddly, will calm down and look like thick satay after a couple of minutes.

Fry the pepper until it’s how you like to eat it (Leo tends to spit it out if it’s too crunchy, but then didn’t touch it anyway) then add the chicken and satay sauce and cook over a low heat while you cook the noodles.

I blanched the pak choi in the noodle water first, and drained it while I cooked the noodles.

Once the noodles are cooked, toss everything together.

This is pretty mild so if you like a stronger flavour, have some (sweet) chilli sauce or more soy to hand for the adults. I reckon Matt would have spiced his serving up a bit but I liked it as it was.

Update: I had it for lunch the next day. Leo wouldn’t touch it. Ah well!

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